2017 Texas Governor’s 20 Pistol Match

So I shot the Pistol match this year after quite a hiatus. Let us all just say I need more practice.

US Army Combat EIC target

Combat Marksmanship in the National Guard is kind of a mix of NRA style bulls-eye shooting and your standard law-enforcement style qualification course. You stand stagnant while shooting at figure 11 or the B8-ish EIC Target from 25 to 15 yards. There is any real movement, but you do things like shoot “barricade” and off-hand, supported prone.

EIC Target

Figure 11 Pistol Target
Figure 11 Pistol Target



I find the shooting to be not as physically or mentally demanding as high power, but a bit more demanding than IDPA or USPSA-style run and gun. There are some stages that require very high level of longish range accuracy, and some stages that require perfect muscle memory to pull off in the time allotted. Most stages are somewhere in-between.

A picture of my Beretta 92FS with a Surefire MR11 and Streamlight TLR-2 HL
My 92FS

We shoot the M9. The 9mm standard service sidearm from Beretta. You can also use the M11, but we find it inferior to the M9 at this level for this type of shooting. I did not like the M9 when I started shooting this stuff, but I have grown to appreciate the reliability and utility of this weapon. The M9 is by no means a match pistol, but it is not meant to be. The double-action to single action transition, what I like to call the crunch-tick, is very difficult to master. Once you have mastered it I find the M9 to be a very adequate platform that I shoot quite well. While there are better choices for most shooters, I would not hesitate to take one of the Berettas into harms way.

Really the best part of this stuff, like almost all shooting I have done, are the people you get to hang out with on and off the range.

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