EDC Brain Dump

The EDC dump is a popular thing nowadays, spouting hashtags galore on all of the social media outlets. While I am guilty of succumbing to the fad and posting the one-or-two odd EDC dumps, I was thinking today about what was the most important thing in my EDC. I would never leave the house without my phone, wallet, 9mm, knife, or light, but what is THE most important thing I carry. A blowout kit? My iPhone?

What you cannot see is way more important.

The answer is of course mindset. Mindset keeps you from having to pull your blaster or call 911 when you wreck your car because you are not paying attention to another bad driver. (You would never be the cause of an accident.) Mindset is of course all in our mind, so let us look in our head at that brain a bit closer.

Knowledge. Knowledge is the second most important thing you EDC and it requires no neat-o key chains or bracelets. Although those things might help. Knowledge to me boosts your ability to survive and even thrive in the most likely encountered scenarios in life.

Knowledge of first aid and CPR is probably the first thing we should all learn. Classes are almost always  free and easy to find locally. We are more likely to die from heart disease than from anything else, so knowing basic CPR/AED is probably the most effective tool you can have in your head. Of course you need to combine that with the mindset of the AEDs that are located closest to you and the knowledge of how to contact the first responders wherever you are at, assuming you are not in a 911 locale. The leading causes of death for children under 5 is drowning, so the knowledge of how to perform rescue breathing on children is a very handy thing to carry around. Don’t forget the most likely scenario you are to encounter, a car wreck. Motor vehicle accidents are unfortunately always a threat to us in the USA. First Aid skills would be very handy to have if this is encountered.

Members of this community tend to assume you are in possession of, or actively seeking knowledge in carrying, shooting and fighting with your carry gun, but this is not the case. Most of the gun-toting public seeks out no training after an initial concealed carry class or qualification, much to the chagrin of us aficionados. Do not fall into that category with other sorts of training. Having the skillset to endure and win a gunfight does you absolutely no good when daily life requires you to know hoe to contact roadside assistance or get an Uber.

Knowledge is not sexy like a Magpul Dynamics course, but it is practical.

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