Para-Ordnance is Dead. Long Live Para!

Quick history lesson: There once was a Canadian company that made double stack 1911 frames that you could buy to add your own slide, barrel, and other parts for your very own high-capacity 1911.Para-Ordnance then started making entire guns and the market was quick to embrace the hi-cap .45 ACP. The company moved to North Carolina around 2009 and changed the name to Para USA and continued to produce single and double-stack 1911s and some fairly odd double action only 1911 pistols. In 2012 Freedom Group, now known as Remington Arms Corporation, bought Para and brought them under the Remington/Bushmaster/DPMS/Tapco/Marlin umbrella and quickly moved the production of Para stuff into the giant Remington factory in Huntsville, Alabama.

Fast forward to 2015 and Remington announced that Para was being “integrated” into the Remington R1 line, but industry insiders read in-between the lines and concluded that as Para was basically going away. Fast forward again to January 2017, SHOT Show, and Para was nowhere to be found in the ROC booth. What was there in the booth adjacent to the Remington R380 and the DPMS G2 was an expanded line-up of Remington R1 1911s. Including double-stack, hi-capacity models. Enjoy the pictures.

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