President Trump Signs Order Eliminating the NFA

President Trump, flanked by NRA executives, Donald Trump Jr, and RKBA activists, signed a long-awaited executive order on Friday evening to nullify almost all the provisions of the National Firearms Act of 1934, effectively ending the Federal Governments extensive control over short rifles, shotguns and silencer devices.

Mr. Trump made clear that the United States Federal Government had no intention of controlling manufacturing and access of the American people to “Second Amendment tools of freedom based on silly and arbitrary lengths or widths”, turning denials of gun control efficacy into national policy.

At a ceremony, Mr. Trump directed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to immediately cease the complex and lengthy legal process of checking backgrounds, approving, and issuing tax-stamps to “American citizens that just want to exercise their fundamental civil rights with a shorter or quieter rifle.” This action will rewriting the almost-centuries-old regulations which have prevented all but the most persistent gun owners from owning short guns and silencers.

The executive order specifically leaves machine-guns as in the category of regulated firearms. In a separate press release the Trump administration cited the successful lobbying of Everytown for Gun Safety, NFA Owners Association, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence when describing the vehement objections to having machine-guns unregulated and in the hands of the general public.

“The NFA has been a total failure,” Mr. Trump said to those gathered at the signing. “That’s been proven so many times of the years. Opponents of gun rights have successfully labeled these firearms with scary sounding phrases like ‘Short Barreled Rifles’, ‘Any Other Weapon’ and ‘Silencers’ to confuse people. What we are really talking about are shorter semi-automatic rifles and standard muzzle mufflers that are desired by millions of Americans.”

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