The Unicorn Chicom AKs

There are many sub-cultures of the firearms community; Collectors, hunters, competitive shooters, tactical practitioners, self defenders. Among the collectors there are just as many types of collectors as their are firearms. To those that are passionate about and collect Kalashnikov pattern rifles there is a widely held assertion to the high quality of Chinese AKs. The MAK90, the Norinco 56S, and the B-West imported Chinese rifles are known and coveted for their excellent build quality. For those that really know their Chicom choppers there are a some even more highly coveted and very rare versions like the PolyTech Legend and the 84S. Then there are the unicorns, the guns only the hard core collector of Chinese AK-47s will know about.

CLAYCO Sports was based out of Clay Center, Kansas and imported some of the first Chinese rifles to the United States. They brought in fixed stock models made in the Ling Hua Factory and underfolder AKs made in the Min Shan plant. The guns came with a matching bayonet and appeared in 1983 and 1984. They were written up in Soldier of Fortune in September of 1984, lending more legend to this early Chinese import.

GLNIC was a company in Los Angeles California that was Cali-based but owned by theĀ People’s Liberation Army of China. After the 1989 ban on non-sporting arms GLNIC imported some MAK90s also. There were several different importers of Chinese AK-47s with both an underfolding stock and a folding bayonet, these Kalashnikovs are referred to as double underfolders by the community. The more common version one might see is the Polytech-stamped rifles with the spike bayonet. Here we have the GLNIC model, a unicorn.

Enjoy the pics. I did.



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