Scott is a firearms enthusiast and gun hobbyist whose primary interest is the practical application of gun ownership. In addition to contributing to The Firearms Podcast, he occasionally contributes to The Firearm Blog. Scott has worked as a firearms expert for a large online retailer of all things gun since 2009 and is a 20-year veteran of the USAF. Scott has been a member of his base, state and the All Guard combat and service rifle marksmanship teams. He can be reached via email at scott@thefirearmspodcast.com.

Patrick is a writer for The Firearm Blog and a genuine YouTube star on TFB TV that has worked many jobs in the retail shooting sports industry. He is an avid recreational shooter and a verified gun nerd. With a lifelong passion for shooting, he has a love for all types of firearms, especially handguns and the AR-15 platform. Patrick may be contacted at tfbpatrick@gmail.com.